Toxic Tort

Toxic Tort

Injuries resulting from exposure to toxins can be devastating, but their causes are not often clear.

The attorneys at Sinunu Bruni have used this rational argument in defending numerous toxic tort defendants. Working closely with scientific and medical experts, and drawing from their own substantial experience, the firm's attorneys have defended clients in toxic tort cases including exposures to lead, silica, beryllium, mixed dust, pharmaceutical products, and workplace chemical exposures.

They have also handled environmental lawsuits defending dry cleaners, land owners, and owners and operators of underground storage tanks.

In California, in addition to handling toxic tort cases which are typically bodily injury cases, and environmental lawsuits, which tend to involve property damage and nuisance claims, they have defended California Proposition 65 claims which involve both civil and quasi-criminal penalties for failure to warn of potential toxins in products ranging from hospital supplies to lunch boxes.