Jim Sinunu to Present to ACI Asbestos Claims & Litigation Conference

Sinunu Bruni partner Jim Sinunu will participate on a panel at the American Conference Institutes’ 14th National Advanced Forum on Asbestos Claims & Litigation on June 26-27, 2013 in Chicago, IL.  Mr. Sinunu, along with fellow panelists, will present “Single Fiber, Every Fiber, Low Dose, Lung Cancer, Chrysotile and Beyond: The Evolution of Asbestos Medicine and How the Changes Affect Emerging Causation Law”, which will address:

  • Liability with exposure to single fiber.
  • Recent decisions including Estate of Hicks and determining the course of asbestos litigation.
  • Recent case law on the subject of low dose/mesothelioma.
  • The latest medical research on asbestos and its impact on lung cancer.

This is the third time in two years that Mr. Sinunu has been invited as a speaker.

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