Asbestos Liability Risk Assessment Group Announces Sixth Annual Report

The Asbestos Liability Risk Assessment Group (ALRA) is pleased to announce the October 15, 2012 publication of its Sixth Annual Report, Asbestos Claims and Litigation: Update and Review, containing new data about recent case filings, and the rapidly developing changes and trends in asbestos cases.  In addition to ALRA’s sought-after filing trends data, this report contains the latest information on disease mix trends, the portability of mesothelioma cases, the MDL docket and bankruptcy trust developments.  The ALRA group provides informed, timely and sophisticated advice to defendants, potential defendants, the insurance and reinsurance industry, financial institutions, financial analysts, and policymakers, with respect to asbestos liability and its related risk assessment issues.  This latest Report complements ALRA’s report released on April 15, 2012 on Hidden Asbestos Liability in Corporate transactions and Acquisitions