Chris Bruni Resolved a Mold Contamination Suit for a Northern California Homeowner's Association for a Fraction of the Demand

Chris Bruni represented a Northern California Homeowner's Association in a water intrusion and mold contamination suit. After investigating the claim and completing discovery Chris resolved the matter at mediation for a fraction of the original demand.

Chris Bruni Successfully Defends Nationally Franchised Automobile Dealership

In December of 2013, Chris Bruni successfully defended a nationally franchised automobile dealership on a Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act claim.

Leo Chanco and Chris Bruni Prevail on Claim for Employment Placement Firm

In September of 2013 Leo Chanco and Chris Bruni prevailed on a breach of contract claim for an employment placement firm in San Francisco.

Sinunu Bruni Wins Summary Judgment on Behalf of Local Retailer

In February 2013, Jim Sinunu and Erin McGahey won a summary judgment motion on behalf of a local retailer of home building supplies in San Francisco Superior Court.

Sinunu Bruni Prevails on Motion for Summary Adjudication

In January 2013, Chris Bruni and Leo Chanco prevailed on a motion for summary adjudication dismissing a strict liability claim against a local retailer of hardware supplies. They were also successful in having the companion claim for punitive damages dismissed by the trial court.