Amy Kott and Chris Bruni Block Plaintiff’s Claim for Punitive Damages

In a contentious case involving a claim of lung cancer, Amy Kott and Chris Bruni were successful in blocking Plaintiff’s cause of action for punitive damages alleged against their client, a northern California contractor. Amy and Chris crafted a compelling motion for summary adjudication, which was argued before the Presiding Judge of the San Francisco County Superior Court.

Chris Bruni and Amy Kott Fight for Dismissal in Wrongful Death Case

Chris Bruni and Amy Kott fought for, and won, a dismissal in a wrongful death lawsuit involving a claim of malignant mesothelioma filed in Alameda Superior Court. The claim involved allegations of exposure to asbestos to the decedent, a lathe and plaster journeyman, throughout the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. Chris and Amy were successful in proving that there was no exposure by their client, a specialty subcontractor. Faced with a forceful motion for summary judgment, Plaintiffs voluntarily dismissed their case.