Chris Bruni Wins Dismissal at Conclusion of Voir Dire

In a hotly contested case involving claims of exposure at a northern California refinery, Chris Bruni was granted a dismissal by Plaintiff's Counsel at the conclusion of his Voir Dire.

Erin McGahey and Brian Triplett Presented a Webinar on “Asbestos-Related Diseases and Other Cancers” To Nationally-Certified Case Managers

Ms. McGahey and Mr. Triplett presented a webinar on "Asbestos-Related Diseases and Other Cancers" to nationally-certified case managers who are registered nurses and vocational consultants in October 2017.

James Sinunu Spoke at Perrin Conferences' Asbestos Litigation Conference: A National Overview and Outlook in September 2017

Jim Sinunu spoke on a panel titled Evaluating Industrial Hygiene Conclusions, which will included topics such as Opening the Time Capsule: 1986 OSHA and EPA Risk Assessments, To Ban or Not to Ban: Policy and Scientific Considerations, and Importance and Validity of Dose Reconstruction.

Chris Bruni and Scott Herndon Win Dismissal in High Value Kidney Cancer Case

On the eve of trial, Chris Bruni and Scott Herndon, an associate at Sinunu Bruni, won a dismissal for their client in a high value kidney cancer case involving several Fortune 500 defendants.

Christopher Bruni Co-Authors "Effective Deposition Techniques in Asbestos Litigation" Published by The Defense Research Institute in the November 2016 Issue of Its National Magazine For The Defense

In November of 2016, The Defense Research Institute (DRI) published Chris’ article “Effective Deposition Techniques in Asbestos Litigation” in their national magazine. Chris was a co-author of the article along with fellow trial attorney Todd Suddleson.