Chris Bruni Will Be Presenting at the American Conference Institute Advanced Forum on Asbestos Claims and Litigation In Chicago, Illinois on May 21, 2018

Chris Bruni Sinunu Will Co-Present “Take Home” Exposure: Evaluating the Consequences of Bringing Asbestos from the Workplace to the Home” at the American Conference Institute in Chicago on May 21, 2018.

Chris Bruni wins dismissal in smoking lung cancer matter after Opening Statement

After the commencement of trial, Chris Bruni won a dismissal for the firm’s client in a smoking lung cancer matter involving several Fortune 500 defendants. This victory was on behalf of one of the firm’s clients, a company involved in the international energy market.

Chris Bruni and Steve Spaulding successfully defend National Franchised Automobile Dealer

In March of 2018, Chris Bruni and Steve Spaulding successfully defended a nationally franchised automobile dealership on a complaint involving alleged violations of the Business and Professions Code, Section 17200. Chris and Steve were able to get the Section 17200 claim dismissed, which resulted in a resolution of the matter.

Chris Bruni Wins Dismissal at Conclusion of Voir Dire

In a hotly contested case involving claims of exposure at a northern California refinery, Chris Bruni was granted a dismissal by Plaintiff's Counsel at the conclusion of his Voir Dire.

Erin McGahey and Brian Triplett Presented a Webinar on “Asbestos-Related Diseases and Other Cancers” To Nationally-Certified Case Managers

Ms. McGahey and Mr. Triplett presented a webinar on "Asbestos-Related Diseases and Other Cancers" to nationally-certified case managers who are registered nurses and vocational consultants in October 2017.